About Us


Everyone wants to improve their home to make it best place to live in & also to be proud of. TUNEHOME helps the people to make it happen by providing better products at most affordable price. As a first step TUNEHOME brings about 500 household products that fulfil every function in daily life at home. TUNEHOME products are –

  • SAFE             
  • DURABLE               
  • AFFORDABLE                                        
  • BEST in CLASS             

Our ambition is to become the leading home improvement company in India. We believe that everyone should have a home to feel good about it and TUNEHOME vision is to make home improvement possible for everyone.


Sustainability is a complex word but it helps to create affordable products if addressed well from beginning of design process. This you can see from our offer that each TuneHome product is of good quality and design & still available at lower price than competition. This has become possible only when we focused on –

  • Using fever material without impacting the functionality, durability or design aspects of product
  • Designed to produce with most efficient production processes
  • Production close to market & hence less logistic to lower down carbon footprints {Make in India}
  • Best in performance parameters, easy to maintain & products needs less energy.


The products you purchase are being produced in a factory which is compliant with all environment & social requirements. You can be rest assured & feel proud of sharing in our society that TuneHome product at your home is produced in a responsible way – or a product that you use is made by taking care of each aspect of sustainability.