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Pendant Lamp Glass Ball Frosted

Product Type: Pendant Lamps

Article Number: 44029016

Colour: White

MRP: ₹2800

Selling Price: ₹1960 (Discount : 30%)


  • This pendants will give stylish touch to your home decor with its 3D shade.
  • This pendant light will not only illuminate your home decor. As well it will decorate your home with their immense beauty and stunning appeal.
  • Excellent decor item for parties, weddings, events for indoors/outdoors and more.
  • Ideal for Dining Table, Bar Table, Clubs, Café, Hallway, Hotels and Office etc.
  • This Light is instantly ready to plug into any outlet, making for a fast and easy install.
  • You can easily adjust the cord's length to fit your needs.
  • Spherical in Shape and White colour Glass.
  • Pendant with Cord Set 


Light up your interiors with this beautiful pendant light that can be hung from the ceiling.

This ceiling light brings an attraction of the room.

This pendant glass a light bulb for a better lighting.

It looks modern and stylish.

This pendant light has the possibility of adjust the wire length.

It's easy to install and it comes .

It can be hanged on ceiling by yourself or by the help of an electrician.

Packaging Content  :  Glass Shade, Cord Set 

Holder & Plug Type  :  E27 Black Holder

Cord Length  (in cms.)  :  160

Disclaimer :   All Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product colour may slightly vary.


20 x 18 CM

Weight: 0.700 Kgs


1. Avoid dragging sharp or rough objects across glass.

2. Before cleaning any lamp shade or fixture, disconnect the power source.

3. To clean the shade, use the soft cloth and wipe gently.

4. If necessary to remove stains and fingerprints, use a glass cleaner with a soft cloth.

5. Do not use scrapers or razor blades to clean the glass.





Packaging Content  :   Glass Shade, Cord Set 


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